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ramonas_cafe's Journal

Ramona's Cafe
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Welcome to Ramona's Cafe!

I bet you are wondering what this community is all about. It is for people who want to learn how to knit, create art, learn photography, digital art, write a story, or to give praise or critics. So, come on in and have some fun, learn, be creative and express it here!


You must be able to help others, give advice, and learn rejection. Something’s you create might not be the best piece of art in the world. How else will you learn?

This place is drama free, we don't want a mama debate, take that to another forum that allows it.

NO parenting issues, please take that to the parenting communities, lord knows we have enough of those.

No deleting comments or posts, it just looks unprofessional, and really, if you can't say it then don't.

Respect others.

Title all new posts. IE: "Please, look at my new knitted Hat"

All images should be LJ cut.

ADD a warning to graphics that could be non work safe. (I don't get how people can have time to surf at work.)

Have a problem; please email Florassecret and I will try to answer any question.

And last, have fun!