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04 March 2006 @ 04:29 pm
New community!  
Hello, and welcome!
This place, is for everyone and everything.
Have a fanfic or artwork to post, post it here.
Anything big or long must be behind an lj cut. Use a title please, so we know what this post is all about.
Have a question, ask it here, you might get the answer. LOL NEVER know till you try it!

this place is for fun, do not debate, there are enough debate fourms out there to shake a stick at.
Family planning, or living will not be discussed here, again, there are enough family planning communities to look at.

Really, this place is a fun place to be.
NO friends only posts, it all has to be public, no fun if non members can't read it and join.
Bring your friends, invite them to have some fun too.

OK, so, on to the show! Enjoy and just be yourselves.